Viliam Mruškovič

Curriculum vitae

I was born on September 19, 1966 in Trstená, Orava region, in the teachers family. After finishing the grammar school I continued studying at the Faculty of Education in Banská Bystrica, Department of Art Education and Slovak Language. I focused more on art and completed my diploma thesis with a set of landscape paintings. After graduating, I worked as a head of the marketing department at the Children's and Youth Dome, later in a publishing house, a graphic studio, and as the head of the art department at the Basic Art School in Turčianske Teplice. During my work I started my own graphic activities and left the school to work freelance.


I was dedicating myself to art activities right after graduation, but the circumstances and the graphic work did not allow me to further develop my artistic activities. I was involved in commercial graphics and publishing. I regularly edited books for publishers and published by myself. With the cartoonist Bruno Horecký I founded the children's magazine Fľak in 1998. I have been sporadically creating something new all the time. But talking about my artistic activities I'm mainly painting the landscapes. The nature of Slovakia is beautiful and it is an inexhaustible source of ideas for an artist. Starting in 2014, I began to exhibit and intensify my creative activities.

My style

My main theme in the creation of endless variation of the Slovak landscape. I try to identify myself and be well recognizable. I paint the landscape with a technique in which I put coarse layers of material on the canvas, creating a relief and like this I capture landscapes shape and create details. With a mass of material, I create the foundation of the composition, which I paint in colour. I also use reflective colours, metallic sprays, and slices of gold to highlight a mood. Because the expression of images changes by changing the light, throwing shadows of structures and shining metallic surfaces, their reproduction does not reach the level of personal experience. I like to welcome you to one of the exhibitions, or we can arrange for a personal visit in my studio.


27. apríla 2019 - Žilina

Výstava AMILEN FASHION SHOW v Hoteli Holliday Inn****

24. mája 2018 - 17. augusta 2018 - Žilina

Výstava Moja krajina II. v Hoteli Dubná Skala****

27. marca 2018 - Žilina

Výstava vo veľkej sále Konzervatória v rámci koncertného podujatia Jarné jazzové dni Žilina

1. február - 15. marec 2018 - Bratislava

Výstava Moja krajina v Hoteli Devín****

11. júla - 19. septembera 2017 - Bratislava

Spoločná výstava s medzinárodnou účasťou ArtMix v Audi Gallery

14. jún - 18. jún 2017 - Bazilej, Švajčiarsko

Účasť na projekte The Artbox Project

31. mája - 31. júla 2017 - Studené

Samostatná výstava Moja krajina I. v RVS klube Studené

26. apríla - 30. mája 2017 - Bratislava

Samostatná výstava Moja krajina I. v Kerametale

1. marca - 14. apríla 2017 - Bratislava

Spoločná výstava Jarný ArtMix v Audi Gallery

1. apríla -30. apríla 2015 - Banská Bystrica

Samostatná výstava Krainky v Národnej opere

1. apríla - 25. septembra 2014 - Brno, Česká republika

Samostatná výstava Krajinoblúdenie


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Necpaly 349, 038 12 Necpaly

Slovak republic

00421 905 520 370

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